Disrupting Divorce: The "NEW" Man

(The Marriage Reset)

The Only System with a Step x Step Plan, Bridging All Resources...

to Start Conversations, Stop Rejection, just Being Roommates

And for the Love of God,

Stop with the Fighting and the "Job" Sex

The Marriage Reset is Laid Out in a Specific Order

For A Reason

I've designed it this way, based on working with over 3300 men in 26 months...


And it's all In Disrupting Divorce


Become The Man, Husband, Father, Leader In Life You Were Were Born To Be:

You will become many men, all wrapped into your most authentic, integral, highly valuable self. None of this glorified dating shit. Attraction advice. You are married. I learned this the hard way, and then fought with (and abused) Kathryn to get what I wanted. NO MATTER, what book I read, course I took or coach I hired.


So I created The Marriage Reset & Lords and

Now It's All In Disrupting Divorce


Chapter 1: Man In Power

  • Stop making your wife feel smothered

  • Stop making your wife feel like you don't hear her

  • Stop making your wife want space from you.

  • Stop building the wall that pushes your wife away

  • Stop making your wife feel like you don't like her

  • Stop your wife from thinking you are only changing for her

  • Start becoming masculine and create the space for even the strongest wife to be feminine

  • Start to set the "Yes" Tone: The kind of home that invites your wife to stop rejecting you

  • Start inviting your wife for conversations, banter, flirting, dating, intimacy

  • Start taking radical responsibility for you - the only person you can control

  • Start releasing your wife of her mistakes and getting over defensiveness, blame, contempt...

    All the reasons you cannot get her to follow you

  • Stop these coping mechanisms, (critical). They're preventing you from ever reaching your goals

  • Start being consistent, so your wife can trust you and believe you are a new man

  • Stop taking two steps forward and giant leaps back

    (especially if you have done other books, courses, hired coaches or therapists or...

    Even if you're following my content on social media, listening to our podcast and trying to put the pieces together on your own.

  • Start overcoming negative, rising, men's mental issues: Not good enough, grass is greener, ADHD, BPD, anger issues, depression, anxiety, narcissism, suicidal thoughts (even if you just wonder or think about your life insurance policy, look at oncoming traffic? What if she died.

  • Start Mindset Hacks that keep you on track when your wife is not following, just coasting, already done and out of the marriage (separated, divorce papers, cheating on you).

Chapter 2: Man With Impact

  • Stop believing you are a protector, no matter what you think; you're not.

  • Stop SAFE Reactions: When you protect yourself, not your wife, marriage, family or future.

  • Start STAT Response: Respond VS Reaction

  • Start being her actual protector.

  • Stop following your wife's lead

  • Start providing structure and direction for where YOU want the marriage to go.

  • Start validating your wife without being desperate and needy

  • Stop your wife from bringing up the past

  • Start Climbing The Rejection Ladder: You can't have mad passionate sex if she's rejecting the lower rungs.

  • Start getting your wife to truly feel

  • Start leading your wife through the ACTUAL issues and leave them behind

  • Start your emotional control and never fall back to anxiety, insecurity, fear, anger or depression again.

  • Start making your wife feel safe again

  • Start rebuilding trust between you again.

  • Start rebuilding the emotional connection

  • Start sharing feelings without puking needs

  • Start sharing your feelings and needs (to get your needs met)

  • Stop using boundaries and enabling your wife's disrespect.


Chapter 3: Man In Control

  • Stop no sex, job sex, pity sex

  • Start getting your needs met

  • Stop proving to your wife you are a great man - just become the great man

  • Start making decisions that earn respect

  • Start your Core Values: Getting your wife on board

  • Stop walking on eggshells

  • Start becoming the strong, confident man and leader in life

  • Start removing all insecurity, doubt and Start solidifying your wife's trust in you

  • Start pulling your wife in and removing her control, and her leading you both away from the marriage you want.

  • Stop wondering why she dresses the way she does and who she's going to see

  • Stop worrying who she's talking to on the phone

  • Stop going to bed or waking up struggling because you want her so bad

  • Stop hiding who you are

  • Stop being afraid of your wife's rejection

  • Stop worrying if you'll have another fight or what her mood will be like

  • Start becoming the leader in your home

Chapter 4: Man At Home

  • Start showing her you are a partner, not a roommate

  • Start making decisions that lead your wife and family

  • Start earning her respect back completely

  • Start showing your wife that she is a priority to you, without building her wall

  • Stop your wife from taking advantage of you

Chapter 5: Man With Kids

  • Stop raising your children to repeat your mistakes in marriage

  • Stop teaching your children how not to communicate or understand their own needs

  • Start getting your children to listen to you and respect you at any age

  • Start leading your children without raising your voice, punishing or praising them

  • Start connection with your wife through your children

  • Start leaving your legacy through your children


Chapter 6: Man With Purpose

  • Start working out, eating right and losing the dad bod with these plans

  • Start standing out from every other man she knows or meets

  • Start becoming the leader in life you were born to be

  • Start earning an extra $2-5K/month

  • Stop holding back your true earning potential, no matter how much money you make

  • Start creating the circle of people in your life that ONLY make you succeed

  • Start losing the people in your life that hold you back

  • Start creating the type of value in yourself that your wife looks up to

Chapter 7: Man At Play

  • Start emotionally connecting and fuelling true conversation, laughter, flirting, banter, FUN

  • Start handling her rejection so she flips to invitations

  • Stop rejection. Never get rejected again

  • Start using romance the right way

  • Start using hacks to get your wife to look

  • Stop "alpha" or "glorified dating advice and start showing your wife she's loved, valued and respected: Seen and heard.

  • Start dating your wife with these 6 types of dates

  • Start making your wife feel like a woman - your woman - and reminding her that she has needs without talking to her about it

  • Start flipping her negative emotions and drama to positive emotional tension, pulling her towards you and your masculine

  • Stop using the 5 Love Languages and start using them to get her to want to touch you

  • Start Game Changing Gift Giving

  • Start "mixing" it up to build your wife's anticipation and desire

  • Start the 6 types of sex

  • Start getting your wife wanting and desiring sex and you again.

Inspire And Lead Your Wife As

The Man, Husband, Father, Leader In Life You Were Born To Be


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